Turn Ideas into Interactive Media, Anywhere

Do you want your website look attractive to your custumer? Let we create the special video for you to do online advertising.

  1. Interactive Media

    • Interactive Media is a Super Media, as it helps you integrate Videos, Images, Animations, Audio, Music and Text into one animated project. Directly turn your text into speech, and combine with animated effects to transform any static object into an eye-catching demo.
  2. Interact with Audiences

    • Our video helps you create interactive explainer presentations and animated projects that interact and communicate with your audiences directly to boost your traffic, business, or service.
      • User Select Path: allow users to decide their own route.
      • Direct Contact: get direct contact from users via the SMS, email, phone numbers, or URL links you provide.
      • Link to Your Site: draw crowds in and effectively increase traffic.
  3. View Anywhere on Any Device – HTML5

    • A great idea should not be stuck on one computer. It should be viewed by everyone, anywhere, on any device.
      • Social Publishing: one-click post to social media
      • Embed in Web Pages: easily create interactive web designs
      • Instant Message Sharing: immediate communication on any device
  4. Perfect for Business & Teamwork

    • Professional templates, custom creations, and direct collaborations can help you impress any client
      • Design templates: use our professional layouts for business applications
      • Create Custom Media: directly drag to upload for in-place editing
      • Collaboration: share and control your projects among different team members
  5. Download & Own Your Projects

    • With Cloud Animator, you own the brand, you own the content, and you own the usage
      • Download Project: playback project without an internet connection
      • Offline Use: use script-defined autoplay sequences, and loop options on YouTube videos or your own MPEG4 videos
      • Self Host: fully own your project with self-contained player and resource download, independent to any web component