Creating Effective Marketing Video

Creating Effective Marketing Video

Everyone seems to think that creating marketing video is very easy. But simply making and posting a video about your company cheaply and easily doesn’t guarantee that the video you produce will automatically be effective or compelling.

  1. Why You Should Consider Video Marketing

    • You can use it to communicate in ways that other marketing tools don’t. Though video won’t replace websites, direct mail, and trade shows as effective ways to generate and close business, it can enhance these other tools to make them more effective. You can use video to monitor consumer behavior and connect emotionally with your customers by using a variety of different systems that are both effective and economical for any company.
  2. Online benefits

    • Behavioral analytics: YouTube and other video hosting sites provide extensive viewer data that can give you deep insight into the behavior of viewers who interact with your videos.
    • Conversion: Amazon, Dell, and other online retailers have publicly shared statistics showing that a posted video can increase the odds of a customer purchasing an item by as much as 35 percent.
    • Efficiency: Software developers continually find new ways to
  3. Efficiency

    • Because video has the potential to transmit large amounts of information, every detail is critical. As a video maker, you’re now responsible for every image conveyed in every moment on the screen. Unlike editing a website or whitepaper, editing a video after you post it can be difficult (if not impossible).
  4. Apllying Video Marketing Tactics

    • Run commercials: Advertising is by far the most common and most effective use of video — even on the Internet to show the highest and best return on investment.
    • Educate your public: Whether you’re teaching about your products or your industry, people search the web to learn. Educational videos give you a chance to show how smart you are and show why people should listen to what you have to say.
    • Create a video blog: Posts on your video blog, or vlog, are effective ways to attract people to your site and maintain their interest. Subject matter experts can use video in creative ways to teach and entertain an audience while also pushing their products or services.
    • Host a webinar: People love to learn, and a webinar is an efficient and effective way to teach. Whether you stream video live or record a live event for later broadcast, an educational and compelling webinar can attract hundreds of prospects and convert them to buyers.